1) Q:  What Are Ingrown Hairs?

A:  A Condition Where The Hair Curls Back Or Grows Sideways Into The Skin.

2) Q:  What Causes Ingrown Hairs?

A:  Ingrown Hairs Are Caused When The Hair Follicle Is Blocked By Dry Skin or Coagulated Oil. 

3) Q:  Can I Just Tweeze An Ingrown Hair Out?

A:  Tweezing Ingrown Hairs Is Not Recommended. 

4) Q:  Should I Pop My Ingrown Hair?

A:  No, Popping An Ingrown Hair Can Cause Irreversible Trauma To Your Skin Resulting in Hyperpigemtation And Keloid Scars.  

5) Q: Best Way To Get Rid of  Existing Ingrown Hairs?

A:  Use Bumpcology® Serum It Gently Exfoliates, Reduces Inflammation, and Diminishes the Appearance of Ingrown Hairs.

6) Q: How Do I Avoid Ingrown Hairs After Waxing or Shaving?

A:  If You Have Dry or Oily Skin A Solid Post Treatment Plan is Crucial.  Bumpcology® Serum is Strongly Recommended Because it Reduces Inflammation and Gently Exfoliates Your Skin. 

7) Q:  What Is A Serum?

A:  A Serum Is A Skin Care Product That Targets Specific Concerns  You May Have About Your Skin.

8) Q:  Why Doesn't Bumpcology® Serum Contain Isopropyl Or Denat Alcohol?

A:  These Ingredients Were Not Included In The Formulation Of Bumpcology® Serum Because They Are Harsh, Over Drying To The Skin, And Flammable. 

9) Q:  How Does Bumpcology® Serum Achieve Results?

A:  Bumpcology® Serum Gets its Results From A Formula That Hydrates, Gently Exfoliates And  Breaks Down The Material That Holds The Cells Together.  This Kick Starts Cellular Turnover And It Helps Diminish The Appearance Of Ingrown Hairs, Razor Bumps, And Clogged Pores. 

10) Q:  How Long Before I See Results After Using Bumpcology® Serum?

A:  Bumpcology® Serum Works Fast To Reduce Painful Inflammation.  The Results Are Usually Visible With The First 48 Hours.  The Longer You've Had Ingrown Hairs The More Product Needed To Help Diminish Their Appearance.  Prolonged Use Will Continue To Encourage Cellular Turnover And Result In Smoother Skin. 

11) Q:  How Often Should I Use Bumpcology® Serum?

A:  You Can Use Bumpcology Serum As Needed To Treat Ingrown Hairs Or Daily To Prevent New Ones From Forming.

12) Q:  Why Does Bumpcology® Serum Cost $30?  

A: I The Cost To Create Bumpcology® Serum Is Much More Expensive Than A Cream or A Liquid Based Solution Because of The High Concentration of Performance Ingredients. 


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