Thank you So Much For Watching Angela's Story!

I’m licensed esthetician Tiffany Piggée, and I wanted to give you an opportunity to put a face with the name.  I'm what people call a speciality esthetician.  My claim to fame is creating the first Anti-Spa™.  It just means that at my studio ME Beauty Detroit I keep the lights on during treatments and I don't offer fluff and puff services.   Everything I do or sell has to produce results.  I don't have time to waste. 

I'm super sensitive to the issue of ingrown hairs (aka hair bumps) because I've struggled with and been fearful of them just like you.  FYI: the bikini that you see in the video is mine, I know right?!  Can you believe we are bonding over hair bumps?  I swear women can bond over anything and I love that about us!

My goal with the creation of Bumpcology® Serum is to HELP as many women that face the same problems that Angela and I have suffered.   What I got correct with this serum is that it does three things and it does them well. 

  1. Hydrates - our skin needs water
  2. Gently Exfoliates - Bumpcology® Serum encourages cellular turnover
  3. Reduces Inflammation - contains a tripeptide that calms inflammation

What You Won't Find...

I decided to forgo popular ingredients that made the product less expensive to manufacture, but riskier to your skin in the long run.  Isopropyl alcohol, Denat Alcohol, and Witch Hazel are three of the most popular ingredients used in hair bumps solutions, and you won't find a trace of them in Bumpcology® Serum.  Here's why...

•  Isopropyl & Denat Alcohol are harsh and extremely drying disinfectants that you don't need to use on your skin. These alcohols are a harmful, flammable and unnecessary ingredients used in skin care products. They contain no nourishing qualities and can cause dry, flaky skin and exacerbate breakouts.

•  Witch Hazel is an astringent that causes the contraction of skin, typically used to protect and reduce bleeding from minor abrasions. And it usually contains some form of the harmful alcohol mentioned above even if the label says alcohol-free. 

I know it's frustrating, who can you trust if you can't believe what the label on the bottle says?  When I learned that most of the product manufacturers use ingredients that are known to dry out the skin and cause breakouts.  I was disappointed at first, and then I became angry.  I knew that I couldn't stay mad forever, but I could use that energy to find a solution that works.  After sharing my story with others, I found out that I wasn't alone, and that fateful class reunion conversation between Angela and I lead to where we are today. 

As a skin care expert, I love to empower people with the knowledge they need to make educated decisions about skin care.  As a gift, I am going to give you an opportunity to download a copy of my new ebook "Unblocked."

Revealed in this ebook...

The Crucial Hair Bump ‘Misconceptions’:  Your hair removal method isn’t the “cause” of anything…

The System Failure:  Why the system (and its treatments) has been unable to get rid of your hair bumps…

How to read an Ingredient List: I teach you how to read an ingredient list for yourself so that you're better prepared to pick out skincare that works for you

YOURS FREE - Exclusive Access To a My New Ebook UnBlocked:

I’ve spent years researching the causes of hair bumps and how to deal with them. In this ebook, I’m going to shine a light on old myths that no longer serve us and teach you what I know about them, so you’re no longer afraid of Hair Bumps -and did I mention it’s ALL completely FREE?

If you’re still curious about Bumpcology, feel free to check out the rest of the site by clicking this link.  If you've heard enough about Bumpcology® Serum, and you want to join the hundreds of other women that are no longer living in fear of their hair bumps.  Click the Shop Now button, type in your name and address, double check to make sure the info is correct, add your credit card or PayPal information then click on the Buy Now button so that I can ship your serum right away.

Ladies, if there’s anything else that you need, please fill out the contact form. Thanks for stopping by Bumpcology® Serum I look forward to shipping your bottle shortly.   Have a wonderful day!

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