Bumpcology® Ingrown Serum

Bumpcology® Ingrown Serum


Bumpcology® Serum is formulated to hydrate, soothe and reduce inflammation of the skin, and gently remove dead skin cells.  Use this paraben free, vegan product daily to achieve smooth “bump free” skin.  For use on both face and body. 


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How To Use Bumpcology®

It's simple, just apply the serum after cleansing and drying the affected area.  For best results use once daily to avoid ingrown hairs or twice daily to treat existing ones.

Your Reward For Using Bumpcology®

This refreshing feeling serum will diminish the appearance of ingrown hairs by

  • reducing inflammation and pain

  • gently exfoliating

  • hydrating your skin

Key Ingredients

Lactic Acid

Exfoliates the skin by breaking down the material that holds cells together.

Willow Bark Extract

It is known for its anti-inflammatory and pain relieving properties.

Glycolic Acid

Gently removes the outer layer of dead skin cells & lightens discoloration.

Palmitoyl Tripeptide 8

Prevents and soothe inflammation on irritated skin