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I'm an avid bikini waxer and owner of ME Beauty Waxing Studio. We were in need of a product that worked to solve the dreadful ingrown hair epidemic that plagued so many of us. During my 14 years in the business of beauty, I've seen hundreds,  maybe even thousands of ingrown hairs. They are everywhere, on everyone, day after day. And the same thought kept occurring to me. Why can't someone, anybody come up with an effective ingrown hair solution?

The solutions that were available were mostly ineffective. Many were harsh, overly drying, flammable, greasy, filled with toxins, and expensive. And to top it off, they didn't work.

So I  decided to spend my evenings doing searches on Google learning more about what causes ingrown hairs.  After I figured out the cause I had to come up with a reasonable solution. One of the things I learned in my research is that manual exfoliation alone would not remedy the issues I struggled with. It does work for some people but it wasn't effective enough for me.  I've tried all the loofahs, brushes, sponges, sugar and salt scrubs and much more with little to no results.

It became increasingly apparent that a chemical exfoliant was the only solution that would work, but the right solution wasn’t out there.  Most products were overly drying to my already dry skin causing more ingrown hairs.  To make a long story short, I was able to develop this revolutionary serum. It has worked incredibly well to solve my ingrown hair issues and it can help you too!  Since I created this in 2014 I have not used anything else to for my ingrown hair issues. 

I gave my special serum to clients to try. They came back amazed, their ingrown hair problems were now gone. In time I decided the entire world needed access to this amazing product...and there you have it bumpcology was born.

Now people everywhere are getting fast, effective relief from all types of ingrown hairs with simple, safe bumpcology. Give it a try! I truly feel that it's the remarkable solution you're looking for.

The Owner and Creator Of Bumpcology® Serum

Randomness about ME  

I'm super shy.  Pink is my favorite color.  I love Black & White Photos.  I'm a wimp when it comes to pain.

Work Stuff

My background is in cosmetology, sales, and customer service.  Which works out well for you because I come with logical solutions to your pressing issues.  I'm a licensed esthetician (a pimple popping, body waxer), a mom (cook, maid & caregiver), a philanthropist (I promote human welfare), a Dale Carnegie Graduate (got lots of friends and I'm an influencer), and an entrepreneur (hole filler).     

Bumpcology® Serum is the result of my almost 13 years as a licensed esthetician and being someone that has suffered from ingrown hairs since puberty.  FYI that's my bikini line you see on the home page of the website.  So when I say I've suffered from ingrown hairs, I have.  

My years of experience as an esthetician combined with a ton of research went into creating Bumpcology® Serum.  It's an amazing product that is revolutionizing the way we take care of our ingrown hairs.  Too often our skin is our largest most neglected organ and I wanted to show it the TLC that it deserves.  When we get unexpected eruptions in the form of ingrown hairs or acne we freak out and do more harm than good to our skin. 

My Herstory

As a rocking black girl with kinky curly hair, I feel that I'm more prone to ingrown hairs simply because my hair is oil deprived and doesn't grow straight. When I hit puberty I developed keratosis pilaris on my arms and legs. These are little bumps are caused by the buildup of keratin.  The buildup forms a plug over the opening of the hair follicle, blocking it.  I suffer from extremely dry skin and I truly believe that my dry skin is the reason I have keratosis pilaris in the first place. Bumpcology® Serum does help manage my KP skin issues. 

Just my luck my skin woes didn't stop there.   Over the years I’ve also been plagued by other types of ingrown hairs on my bikini line and under my arms.  I tried everything from rubbing alcohol to a hot safety pin trying to get relief. In a twist of fate, creating bumpcology for my clients turned out to be just what I needed to treat my own ingrown hairs. I'm not only the creator and owner of bumpcology, but I am also an enthusiastic user.