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Bumpcology's Mission:

Create A Beauty Product That Works.

"I've taken the stress out of finding a hair bump solution that works. I just created one for us."- Tiffany Piggée

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My Mission

Create a product that gets results fast and charges a fair price, for now. In an attempt to get as many bottles of this remarkable serum to as many people as possible I decided to forgo colossal profit margins for the time being and pass the savings on to you.

I want people to experience what a beauty product that works as advertised can do for them. Changing lives one bottle at a time.


Bumpcology's Impact

Bumpcology® Serum is making waves in the beauty industry and gaining notoriety  in the market place by taking a less is more, loving approach to solving problematic hair bumps.  "There's no need to wage a war on our skin.  Be Kind to Your Skin and It Will Be Kind To You."-Tiffany Piggée, Licensed esthetician and creator of Bumpcology® Serum.   This product was created to start working as soon as it is applied to your  clean dry skin.  It diminishes hair bumps by gently exfoliating, hydrating, and reducing inflammation. 

I have been to a million spas, and dermatologist I have tried everything. Your product is awesome it works for black skin. I have had bumps in this area for over 20 years. Your product works, and nothing has come close to working as fast and effective. God bless you. My vanity loves you.
— Jenni, CA


Over two thousand bottles sold

Since Bumpcology® Serum became available at ME Beauty Detroit in Spring of 2015 I, Tiffany, have sold over 2500 bottles to clients, the locals, and people on the interwebs.



Years Serving communities

I am fully invested in not only being a good business owner, I also believe that the best businesses are invested in their community.  That's why I've made a concerted effort to be of service to the community that I live and work in through volunteering, philanthrophy, and social awareness campaigns.



Hundreds of Lives Changed

Every single person that has struggled with ingrown hairs, that's tried everything on the market and decided upon Bumpcology® Serum has had their life changed.  This serum works.   

Learn all about ingrown hairs

Not all bumps should be treated equally.  Click the "learn more" button to become a hair bump expert.  

Become A Stockist

I am actively looking for  licensed brand partners.  Please click the link below if you'd like to retail Bumpcology.


What Are Those?

There are three major types of ingrown hairs (the technical name for hair bumps) that afflict many people.  My goal is help you gain as much ACCURATE information about this skin condition.  I want you to stop living in fear of them, have solutions that work, and knowledge of what is going on with your skin, after all you deserve to be in the know.   


About The Brand


I absolutely LOVE learning new things.  When I decided to become an esthetician and started my waxing studio ME Beauty Detroit I incorporated my love of learning into every aspect of my branding for clients.  When I created bumpcology I needed to keep with the tradition of educating the customer.  I've even written an ebook.  The link is available at the bottom of the website.




I'm taking the tortoise's approach to growing my brand because I know how important and powerful maintaining independence can be.  Beauty is a male dominated field with people making decisions solely based on the bottom line.  That's where my experience as a licensed esthetician, former corporate educator and marginalized woman comes into play.   I answer directly to the consumer, not a for profit board of executives.   




I rely on technology to make my businesses go round.  It's my goal to make things as seamless as possible for you while you're visiting my site.   Life is hard enough, ordering Bumpcology® Serum shouldn't be. If you’re having trouble with the site please email me directly at Tiffany@bumpcology.com  ***Disclaimer there are some companies that will block access to this website.




Bumpcology® Serum has been a collaborative labor of love.  During every phase of the creation of this awesome product I've strategically hired and employed female owned and operated businesses to bring this project to life.   Manufacturing, packaging,  graphic design, patent attorneys, marketing and PR.  This serum was created for women by women. 

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Customer Testimonials 

Spring / Summer 2016

Love this it works!!! I had bumps since I was 13 years old.  I started shaving early watching my step dad, lol.  I'd tried everything on my face they have for black men, and this is the only thing that works.  I'm using a straight razor now. I used to hate shaving, and now I love to shave.

— Anthony, MI

Awesome product with amazing results! No more embarrassing bikini area bumps after shaving. bumpcology is my new must-have beauty product! Deserves a 5-star rating!!! ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

— Meredith, MI


Summer 2017

When I first started waxing, I suffered from ingrown hairs.  bumpcology Saved the day!!! I’ve been using it for two years, and I swear by it!!! My ingrown hairs are a thing of the past! Oh, and I love the smell it is very, very mild so that it won’t be noticeable! If you suffer from ingrown hairs, Invest in bumpcology.

— Terraia, OH


Spring 2018

I just wanted to let you know this is the best stuff I have ever used for ingrown hairs. I have very coarse hair nothing works. I wasn’t a believer when I bought this. But after using it, it not only cleared me up but I haven’t had any breakouts. This is truly a miracle. No more embarrassing moments. Im proud to show off my bikini area now!! Thank you so much!!

  Lisa, MI