(And Unfortunately Close to 70% of The Products On The Market Don't)

Which is why I created Bumpcology® Serum, this product diminishes the appearance of ingrown hairs by…

  • Gently Exfoliating

  • Reducing Inflammation

  • Hydrating your skin

Who Thinks Of Creating A Product? 

I'm pretty sure you're expecting me to be a Super Hero Warrior Goddess that can solve all of life's problems and bring peace on earth.  The reality is some days I am a real Kick Booty Rockstar and other days you will find me running full speed in the opposite direction of my responsibilities.  (I hate folding laundry!) 

I said that to say I am good at things that I am good at and the rest of the stuff I hire experts to take care of for me.  Lucky for you All Things Skin happens to be my bailiwick.  

What's So Special About Bumpcology® Serum?

I am so glad you asked!  Bumpcology® Serum just so happens to be precisely what the market needed. Between you and I, we've tried everything out in these streets and we still had hair bumps until I created Bumpcology® Serum.  Well, at least I have a solution that works for my hair bumps, not sure what you've got going on at the moment.

This product is concentrated enough to break down lipid barriers and slough off dry skin.  With one of a kind formula that is abundant in the calming, soothing, hydrating ingredients that won't irritate.    

Creating a product for irritated skin and the product does not irritate the skin is unusual in this industry!!!  I kid you not, close to 70% of the hair bump products on the market cause the users irritation (I'm that person that reads the comment section and the reviews).

It worked to your advantage because not only did I read the reviews.  I took extensive notes and addressed the significant concerns everyone was having with those other hair bump solutions.  Yes,  I drank a hot cup of raspberry tea and poured over the comment section.  FYI: I don't drink wine when I am working, okay.   Here's what they had to say:

Smell, our sense of smell is a part of our chemosensory system.  This was the BIGGEST complaint I read.  They didn't like the way the those other products smelled.  Some aromas were identified as smelling like rubbing alcohol, urine (I hope they were wrong), gross, and over powering.  

With Bumpcology® Serum you may smell a hint of peppermint.  Once the serum is absorbed into your skin, the aroma disappears.  

The texture was another favorite complaint.  People were saying that some of the products felt slimy, tacky, left a residue, took forever to dry, were too heavy on their skin, etc. 

This was an easy one for me; I can relate to their complaints because I am a "texture person" or someone that has sensory sensitivities and I cannot do slimy, or sticky ( total skeeve fest).

I worked really hard on creating the perfect balance between efficacy and absorption.  Bumpcology® Serum absorbs quickly, is lightweight, isn't greasy, and doesn't leave a residue.  For my  don't touch my hair,  melanin popping, clapback queens this product won't leave you ashy.  For my pumpkin spice, bonfire loving, gluten free pretties Bumpcology® Serum won't leave you feeling greasy. 

Pain tolerance, people complained that the product caused additional pain by stinging, making the skin feel tight, or a burning sensation.

I didn't use any ingredients that dehydrate your skin when I created Bumpcology® Serum.  Using this serum will result in pain free results.

There were a few "This product costs too much money" reviews for those other hair bump products.

Here's the thing Bumpcology® Serum is a highly concentrated hair bump solution.  If you follow the recommended usage it lasts 6 weeks or longer.  It costs you less than 75¢ a day to not have to worry about hair bumps.  What the heck are you waiting for click the button below so I can ship your bottle immediately.