Your Beauty Routine Is A Learned Behavior


My friend Angel Williams, editorial manicurist and I were having a conversation one day...I was having a moment and telling her how frustrated I get with people not understanding the purpose of Bumpcology® Serum, how it's changing the skincare game, and why they insist on using inferior products on their skin. 

She calmly stated “Who we are around influences our beauty routine. We tend to use products introduced to us early on.”   That simple statement stopped me dead in my tracks.  I started reflecting on my upbringing and where my beauty beliefs came from.  She was correct; I didn’t grow up in a household that had any particular beliefs surrounding skin care, we just couldn’t be ashy.  My mom gave us the space to figure out what worked best for our skin.  

Angel’s explanation it gave me tremendous insight into a person’s thought process. It’s a personal belief no different than politics, or religion.  Usually, these are things that tie us to people in our pasts that we love and respect. With this realization, it helped me come from a place of compassion and patience when I encountered skeptical and sometimes combative customers.  I stopped taking their behavior personally. And I went back to my fundamental belief; meet people where they are. 

What are some beauty beliefs that were passed down to you?