Faceoff: Serum vs. Cream


In a haste to get the word out about bumpcology® the world's greatest ingrown hair serum.  It didn't dawn on me that people didn't know what a serum even was.  Sometimes I'm too in my head when it comes to beauty.  It's good when people slow me down and ask questions like, what's a serum?

To answer a serum is everything that a moisturizing cream isn't.  Cream based products typically contain ingredients like mineral oil or petroleum.  They act as a gate keeper whose job is to keep water from evaporating from the product.  Most but not all cream based moisturizer contain nut or seed oils, and these are used to thicken the product.

Serums are the exact opposite of creams and are well known for their ability to go the distance if you will.  Since they have a higher ingredient concentration, they can penetrate deeper than cream can.   

Avoiding the Sticker Shock
Yes,  serums have a tendency to be more expensive than creams.  It's not uncommon to find a 30 ml bottle of serum priced to move at $50 or more.  They work, and they work faster than creams do.  In the long run, you use less serum and achieve quicker results than you would if you had a cream based product.  It's more cost effective to add a serum to your beauty routine.

I splurged and started incorporating serums into my beauty regimen about seven years ago.  I spent $175 on a skin care kit by Osmosis Pur Medical Skincare, and it had two serums in it.  I spent the first few days getting used to the texture but after that, I was off to the races, and my skin has never looked so good.

Zero in Why Don't Ya?!
I absolutely LOVE serums, because of their ability to hone in on and treat specific problems.  No more blindly stabbing around in the dark trying to remedy ingrowns, acne,  hyperpigmentation or rosacea. Serums are all of that!!! A person that suffers from ingrown hairs might go with a serum that contains lactic acid as a treatment option.

As I reflect back on the incredible results, I achieved on my skin using Osmosis' replenish and calm serums.  It was a no-brainer for me to create a serum of my own to help clients when the other ingrown hair solutions on the market had failed them.  bumpcology® ingrown serum was born after a little trial and tribulation, and here we are.

Priced to SELL
Here's a little insight into my personal business practices. I am all about sustainability.  My goal was to keep the product's efficacy top notch while not killing a person's pockets.  The result is a 30 ml/1 fl oz bottle of power-packed goodness, which costs $30, not $50, you're welcome!  Click this link to order your bottle.