An Esthetician's Guide To Ingrown Hair Prevention

 bumpcology ingrown serum is a gentle way to exfoliate ingrown hairs

bumpcology ingrown serum is a gentle way to exfoliate ingrown hairs

Here are a few ways that you can prevent ingrown hairs.  The first thing you can do is to make sure your skin is hydrated,  something as simple as drinking water will help with the skin's hydration.  The second thing you can add to your ingrown prevention routine is gentle exfoliation.  You don't need anything overly aggressive to encourage cellular turnover.  

I have this rule when it comes to exfoliation.  If it doesn't completely dissolve in water, then it should  NOT be exfoliating my skin.  I make it a habit of not using products that contain ground nut shells, or pumice.  Before creating bumpcology, I used ingrown serums as a gentle way to exfoliate my skin.

The third thing you can do for your skin is moisturize it.  You're probably thinking, wait, didn't you already say that in step one? I did not, hydration and moisturization are often confused.  Here's a quick tip to keep them straight.  Hydration=water and Moisturization=oil.  Our skin needs and deserves both to function properly.  I prefer heavier moisturizers in the winter and in warmer weather I can get away with a lightweight moisturizer. Moisturizing is vital to the overall health of the skin.  

These are simple ways to prevent and or treat existing ingrown hairs.   Hope this helps!